Motorola Moto G Vs Xiaomi MI3 Vs Asus Zenfone 5…Which Phone to Choose….

15 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G Vs Xiaomi MI3 Vs Asus Zenfone 5…Which Phone to Choose….”

  1. Please tel me which cell to choose..m very confused…you guyz have writen pros and cons for all 3 phones…i have only 4 hours…i have to take a phone…mi needs are..i want a smart phone..which looks good and which do not cretae much shuld be nyc….please help…


    1. MotoG’s Camera is not good compared to the others, so if your requirement is good camera go for MI3. The software got updated recently and corrected the software glitches. Look wise also its decent. But the availability of MI3 on flipkart is limited, so you have to wait for your chance, which might take more time. If you are ready to adjust with average battery, then go for Asus as it can have better after sales service too and decent camera which is better than MotoG. Let me know which is your final choice.


  2. wot do u do with three phones ?
    obviously, unlike the case of other mobile review forums, the developers are not supplying you any free samples !!

    And, wait for the price drop or just save a little more and buy Nexus 5 !
    Simply Best


    1. I wish that they do Rishav :). But unfortunately no. Nexus 5 price has already dropped a bit to 25k now for 16Gb version. Still its not so affordable for budget range buyers.


    1. Hi, Zenfone does not lose out because of dual core. Intel processor has hyper threading technology, which means there are virtually 2 cores in place of one core and it helps in parallel processing to distribute the load. So when you are loading the phone with heavy tasks, the 2 other virtual core processing will also be used and perform the task smoothly. Till now , in terms of processing speed, none have found much difference between Moto G and Zenfone5. Frankly Zenfone works much smoother during multi tasking because of more Ram space.


  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to ask if Zenfone 5 has a FM radio?
    Different sites state different specification regarding it.
    As you have it i can get the assured answer.



  4. I read reviews in many websites.. But your way of comparison is awesome and straight forward..
    Leaves user with no confusion… All the best…


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