Greenify…. Powerful battery saving App #Android #Review

Day by day, the technology development for smart phones is enormously increasing. Smart phones have so many applications in daily life. Its used for phone calls, social networking, gaming, listening to music, watching movies, net browsing, blogging etc., Due to its multi tasking capability, the dependency on phone has now become a compulsion. For having an uninterrupted usage, battery life plays a very important role. A lot of potential smart phones fail on the battery section. Atleast a day’s usage from full charge is expected by an average user. Though we cannot boost the battery performance, we can definitely control the consumption rate.Lets discuss what we can do to improve the battery life.


There are numerous battery saving and monitoring applications on Android market. What makes Greenify different from the others is the methodology. Unlike the standard battery saving apps which does nothing much than suggesting to switch off wifi, data, gps etc., this app does nothing such non-sense. One of the reason for the battery consumption is unwanted waking of some applications. A lot of applications try to sync data in the background and give notifications. We do not have control of which app can use data and which cannot. Task killer can be used to kill the background apps, but it does consume battery due to processor usage and also the background processes start on their own within some time. Thus, greenify has come up with a unique solution of hibernating such apps. Simple process, add all the apps into the hibernation list which you would want to run only when you open. Be careful not to add apps which you want to be running in background and be notified regularly like whatsapp as hibernating would stop even notifications. Greenify works like a charm though it works with full capacity on rooted phones, the non-rooted support is nothing less.

Xdadevelopers review for Greenify,

This cannot hibernate system apps (which includes playstore, hangout, gmail etc.,) as of now for a non-rooted phone.

One main drawback I found was that some times it does not hibernate in one step, goes into infinite flickering mode. Do not get panic when that happens, just press the home button and repeat the hibernation process again. Other drawback is that Facebook & Messenger wake up from hibernation by themselves within 15-20 min.


Overall, it is the best battery saving app I have come across. Very innovative. I am surprised to see that there is no other app that follows the same technique. I have tried lot other battery saving apps like battery doctor etc., but was left unsatisfied. This app was the only one which showed me tremendous change in battery life. Give it a try and share your views. Advanced users can even try the beta version which gives more options. For beta version you need to join the Greenify community and apply.

Wanna try the App???

Play store link for Greenify: Download Here





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