Airdroid… Wireless Management App for your Android Phone #Review

Along with smartphones, laptops/PCs have been a prominent part of our professional and social life. We spend most of the time with them. Indirectly these two forms of technology have a powerful role to play. But the connecting interface between these two used to be mostly by USB cable. That’s been the traditional way to transfer files from phone to PC or vice versa. But as the usage of WiFi at offices and home has increased, the option of  wireless connecting interface has increased. Airdroid is an Android app which uses such technology.


It’s a wireless manager for android phone with numerous uses.
Lets see the strengths of Airdroid,
1. Wireless transfer of any type of file from PC-Phone or Phone-PC.
2. Send & Receive SMS to your desktop browser.
3.  Features similar to Android Device Manager such as locate phone, or erase data remotely in case you lost your phone.
4. Manage you phone apps from your browser.
5. Take screenshots or access camera to take pictures remotely from your browser.
6. Shows your call log, contacts, live phone notifications to desktop.
7. The most attractive feature is that, the phone and PC/Laptop doesn’t need to be connected to same WiFi network for all this to happen unlike other WiFi transfer applications like Wifi File Transfer.
8. Has inbuilt tool box for file exploring, task management, App management etc,.

These are just some of the main uses of this wonderful app. There are many more uses depending on how one wants to use it.

There are some negatives that could be improved, such as
1. Limited data transfer (100 mb/month for free user and 1GB/ month for premium user) if both the devices are not connected by same WiFi/Network. Also the transfer speed is dead slow in such cases.
2. Though it shows notifications of all the applications, remote replies are allowed only for SMS apps.
3. Not so powerful tool box.
4. Sometimes though on same network, it shows remote connection. Have to reconnect the devices to make it work as LAN Mode.

Verdict: It’s a powerful application depending how one uses it. One stop solution for a lot of purposes. It’s always been my single destination for file transfer from PC to Phone. Try and explore it. Say bye to USB cable.

Let me know whether you guys find this application useful or not. Stay tuned.


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