MOTO G (2nd Gen.)…. Is it really worth an Upgrade over Moto G (2013) ??

Though the famous Moto G was released in 2014 in India, it was globally released in 2013 thus making it Moto G (2013). This time the new version of Moto G or so called the upgrade for the previous one is released in India along with other countries considering the demand and market they have gained here. The upgraded version is termed as Moto G (2nd Gen.) or Moto G (2014) . I have already made a post discussing about it when its specifications were leaked online. You can find the post here. The rumors of the specifications and the reality did not differ much. Seeing the present budget range market in India with the competitors like Xiaomi MI3, Asus Zenfone 5 and especially Xiaomi Redmi s, which has almost the same specs as Moto G at half of its price, its difficult to say how the Moto G (2nd Gen.) would do in the market.

Moto-G (2nd Gen.)

Lets see what makes this new version worth an upgrade and what stops it not to become one.

What good compared to old Moto G,
1. External storage supported via micro sd card upto 32Gb. This is a relief to a lot of users who were limited in terms of storage of 16Gb in previous one.
2. 8 MP rear camera, compared to 5 MP in the previous model. Though the camera lens remains the same, the upgrdation in mega pixel will be helpful to get better pictures.
3. 2 MP front camera compared to 1.3 MP in previous, Helpful in video calls and selfies, but personally I dont think thats a big upgrade.
4. Dual front speakers in place of single back speaker for better audio output.
5. 5 Inch Display compared to 4.5 inch. For video viewing and gaming, this would help and give a better experience.
6. The price. I really appreciate Motorola for this as with whatever small upgrades they have made, the price was actually decreased rather than increasing.
7. The last inclusion, though not very important to all still is a good addition which is Gyroscope Sensor.
No need to scroll down more, as these are the only worthy upgrades compared to the 1st Gen Moto G.

Now what can be bad in 2nd Gen compared to the 1st gen,
1. The screen resolution was kept same even when the screen size has been increased which decreases the pixel density. The difference might not be very prominent but still it would be better in 1st Gen.
2. The battery capacity also remains the same. So with 5 inch to power, the battery life might be decreased unless the phone is optimized better than the previous one which I seriously doubt.
3. The 5 inch size might not be the selection for all the users as single handed usage might become a little bit of problem.
4. USB OTG functionality not supported out of the box, but can work with a third party application like Nexus Media Importer.

Final verdict: There are a few upgrades mostly on the camera department and mainly the storage part. Other than that all the internal hardware remains the same. Is it worth an upgrade?? If you are already a Moto G user, then no point buying the new one. But if you are not, then this new version does not disappoint you compared to the 1st Gen. Moto G ( 2nd Gen.) remains one of the best budget range smartphone still after the competition. Am a Moto G user for the past 5 months and even with the heavy usage, it was able to sustain without any major crashes. Moto G will definitely be in my best phones list. Though I would have been happy if atleast the RAM was increased in the 2nd Gen Moto G.

Comment about your experience with new/old Moto G.

Link for buying Moto G 2nd Gen from Flipkart


2 thoughts on “MOTO G (2nd Gen.)…. Is it really worth an Upgrade over Moto G (2013) ??

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  1. I think you rightly pointed out…its not a major upgrade….keeping the same RAM is a big disappointment…..keeping the battery same has not put any additional cost for moto…….but the same will take moto g out of the bracket meant for smartphones with good battery backup !!

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