Oneplus 5 Review

I have been Oneplus One user for the past three years and the moment Oneplus5 leaks started coming out, I started having that nostalgic feeling reminding me of the excitement I had during Oneplus One. And after purchasing the phone and using it, the feeling became better. I made this unboxing video to share my excitement.
Click Here for OnePlus5 Unboxing – Stop Motion
 So here’s my take on the Oneplus 5.
Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)
Though design is not a revolutionary aspect of the device, it is very handy and comfortable to hold. The curved edges gives a reassuring feel for the hold.  Phone feels very light in hand and the weight is equally distributed. The back is slightly slippery but the sandstone back cover that came with the phone prevents that completely. Build quality is amazing too. It shouts premium from all corners.  I used in couple of treks and made the phone go through rough situations (dirt, rain, drops) and the phone did survive everything.
Display (and Reading Mode)

The display is one of the main feature of this phone. Its nothing less than a Quad HD display. Its tough to spot the difference. The Amoled screen gives so deep blacks and beautiful color reproduction. The options available to control the display colors according to our taste is one added feature. Dark theme makes the look even more stunning. Reading mode becomes very useful for night users.

Connectivity, Network and Call quality

Connectivity wise it accepts wide range of bands. Supports VOLTE,2.4Gz/5Ghz Wifi band, has bluetooth 5.0 & NFC too. So connectivity wise its fully featured and leaves no stone upturned except for IR blaster. Wifi connectivity is strong without any drops, so is Bluetooth. Network strength is also very good. Had no issues in reception even in mountains where the signals are not so strong. Call quality is very good without audio drops and even the mic is very loud so that the person other side is able to hear properly.

Performance (SD835/RAM)

The phone packs the latest snapdragon 835 processor and it performs any task thrown at it with ease. The processor is power efficient and does not produce any heat even with heavy usage. The phone is so snappy that its so much fun to use. The 6GB/8GB RAM helps in making the multi tasking more productive and smooth. Adreno 540 is a monster for gaming. Played many heavy duty games and it performed without even one frame drop. Overall performance wise the phone is beast and the user is for sure future proof for couple of years with this phone.


Camera is the major highlight of the phone that even Oneplus was majorly concentrating and promoting from start. And they were not wrong. The camera may not be the best in the market, but best in the price segment.  And with each update the camera performance is only improving. The dual camera setup in the rear helps in both bokeh (potrait) shots and zoom (2x) shots. The regular camera takes amazing pictures with very good details. Thanks to 1.7 aperture and its HDR capability. The colors are punchy and near to accurate, focus is super fast, no shutter lag. The potrait shots are amazing if you know when and how to capture them. Its not a prime lens on dslr, so cant expect to jus click and expect it to turn into a bokeh shot. With right light and focus distance, portrait mode is fun to play with and give amazing results. But yes sometimes it does miss focus here and there. Hopefully updates would improve this. Zoom option is handy when needed. The video quality is really good and with EIS added to even 4k, the stabilization issues is totally sorted. But the video crops in too much which might make it difficult to shoot things nearby.  Front camera is sharp, fast and accurate. takes amazing selfies.But I wish it was a little wide like S7 Edge to fit more ppl into the frame. The camera app is refined. Would remind of Iphone one, but it provides a lot of modes to make the most of the camera.
I am adding some of the pictures clicked by my Oneplus5. I hope this gives an idea about the capability of camera.

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Oxygen OS

The Oneplus 5 has Oxygen OS based on latest android nougat. Its very close to stock android with more added features and customization. The launcher provides shelf for quick access to frequently used apps which is very handy. The theme customization is huge. Once we go through he settings page, one can find so many options to customize according to their taste. The major features include dark theme, night mode, reading mode, screen off gestures, notification icon control etc,. No bloatware in the phone and the optimization is very good. So software gets a 10 on 10.

Dash Charge

As I showed in my unboxing video, the dash charge is super fast and the fastest in the market. Once you use dash charging, we cant go back to normal charging. It totally makes you forget about battery. Just plug in for a while and the phone gets charged up for half a day. No heating with charging as found in other phones. Only con is that the dash charging works only with the dash cable.

Battery life

The battery life is a deciding factor for many before choosing a phone as usage of phone has increased and larger battery life becomes very important as one cannot expect to always have power adapter by side. The oneplus 5 has very good batter life, thanks to the power efficient SD835 and the AMOLED screen. Te phone can easily last a day with normal usage and with heavy usage one might have to charge by the evening. Standby drain is minimal. Screen on time is approximately 4.5 to 6 hrs depending on the type of usage.


Other features

The major thing that comes in my mind when I consider Oneplus phone is the developer support for rooting and installing different roms. As this process does not void the warranty, one can easily play with the phone rooting and explore maximum capability of phone and install the rom of their choice.

Another major attraction is the speaker. Its so loud and clear that the audio experience while watching any video or playing games becomes so good.


I recently lost my oneplus5 during a trek and guess what phone am gonna buy now again. You are right Oneplus 5. There is no other phone that packs so much for the price. Oneplus 3/3T users will definitely would not find this phone over whelming and other than camera it wouldn’t be a great upgrade for them. For others yes it fulfills almost all the requirements. Please make sure you guys take theft insurance for sure  to deal with any loss of phone like me :D.

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