Unboxing Video of Xiaomi Mi3 (India) # Flipkart

Here is the unboxing video of the new Xiaomi Mi3 bought from Flipkart India. The unboxing video includes, display of

Box Contents, How to open Sim tray, Sim card Size, 360 Degree View, First booting, Viewing Angles, Home screen and Locker, Theme store and Play store, Android Version.

The first impressions during the usage were listed out here. Overall the phone looks premium but slightly big for single hand usage. Smooth interface and good battery life.

Detailed review will be posted in coming week. Stay tuned. 🙂

Meanwhile if you are interested in buying yourself a MI3, get registered on flipkart as the sale would be always for pre registered costumers and limited stocks would be available. The registration link is given below



First Impressions on the New Xiaomi Mi3 Indian Version from Flipkart

Finally the most awaited Mi3 has launched and i had the opportunity to buy it in the Flipkart’s Early access to Mi3. Yesterday I have done the unboxing of the phone. I wanted to share some of the details of phone which alot of people are confused about, before buying the phone. I shall clear out those points here. The unboxing video is on its way and will be uploaded by tonight. So please stay tuned.

Xiaomi Mi3 Grey Version

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