Greenify…. Powerful battery saving App #Android #Review

Day by day, the technology development for smart phones is enormously increasing. Smart phones have so many applications in daily life. Its used for phone calls, social networking, gaming, listening to music, watching movies, net browsing, blogging etc., Due to its multi tasking capability, the dependency on phone has now become a compulsion. For having an uninterrupted usage, battery life plays a very important role. A lot of potential smart phones fail on the battery section. Atleast a day’s usage from full charge is expected by an average user. Though we cannot boost the battery performance, we can definitely control the consumption rate.Lets discuss what we can do to improve the battery life.

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Review of Xiaomi MI3 Indian Version after extended usage

The latest block buster in smartphones, Xiaomi MI3’s  sales are path breaking  in India (atleast Xiaomi & Flipkart thinks so :P). The selling strategy of Xiaomi might seem very annoying to many, they have been following the same from the start. Xiaomi believes that this marketing strategy of selling limited units for only registered users and spreading the news of 2 sec and 5 sec sale would do good to them.  It’s open for discussion as some support and some oppose. I am myself on the opposing side. But luckily I was able to get a MI3, thanks to Flipkart First Subscription. Now, it has been almost 2 weeks that I have MI3 with me. There have been a lot of positives and negatives we figured during the regular usage. I would be sharing my views about those strengths and weakness of Xiaomi MI3. If you are reading this post, I shall assume that you already know the specifications and the price, so I wont be focusing on that.

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Whatsapp, Viber and other IM app Providers might need to pay for the Indian Telecom Operators

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has decided to discuss on the impact of the Over The Top (OTT) applications (which use only Data to function) on the Telecom Service Providers and their revenue in India. Soon they are planning to charge these Application providers to continue to use the Data of Telecom Operators and also might have to share their revenue with the Indian government.

OTT Apps
OTT Apps

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Next version Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) Specifications

After the super launch of Moto G and its success, a lot of smart phone enthusiasts were waiting for the launch of  Moto G sequel. Similar to the way Google released Nexus 5 as a successor to Nexus 4 and reached everyone’s expectation of hardware upgrade in all the terms, there are expectations on Motorola too about its next launch in Moto G series. There were rumors that the new version of Moto G would be of 4.7″ screen. Some even spread a rumor that, the new version of Moto G would be Nexus’s next launch. Breaking all the rumors, recently the 2nd Generation Moto G (or may be Moto G2) has paid a visit to GFX benchmarks. In the GFX website we could get an overview of some physical and internal features. Continue reading “Next version Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) Specifications”